Sunday, May 18, 2008


Take me out to the ball game!!!

Actually, it was Monkey's first game, ever!

Long story, but Mom & Dad were supposed to be here this weekend so I bought tickets for PopPop, Monkey and myself...short part of the story is that they couldn't be here due to a medical issue w/ my uncle and since I couldn't get the tickets sold (whole other story there!) RAB, Monkey and I went...Here are the pics to prove it!!!

More bug info soon!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday "Dub-Date"

Engine was going back together today when I stopped by...All the tin was on; heat exchangers & exhaust looked to be in good shape.The doghouse/alternator went on as I was leaving...things are progressing nicely!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Part III

Heads came back looking real exhaust valves and guides. Rockers installed...they look good too.

87mm pistons and cylinders installed.

Talked to Joey at All Around Restorations today and he tells me should be finished late next week.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dub pt. 2

Pics of the engine tin and hard parts in the paint booth waiting for spray and of the crack in the spark plug hole on the #3 cyl head (look carefully, its fuzzy).

Hope to have the heads back tomorrow so the engine can go together Wed/Thurs and the new tank painted and ready to go in by Thurs.
Carb should be rebuilt already.
Might be on the road by Friday (fingers crossed)

Race update...
6 hour race on Sat. didn't go as well as the last two...
I did the first 3 hours wheel to wheel w/ 4 of the top 5 guys...
I bonked about hour 3.5 and slowed down alot...apparently so did the others!
Ended up finishing 6th but was only 13 minutes off of the podium after almost 7 hours of racing.....
I'm currently in 2nd overall in the 3 race series, so all isn't lost.
.......that's racing.........