Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The bug is on the path to being back on the road...took a few pics today...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The "BIG POST" Day!!

Two big things on this post....

Thing #1...I'm most excited about this one!!

Monkey on his first ride w/o the trainging wheels!!!!!

<--------------Looking at me like, "what are YOU looking at?".....

thing # 2.......

The Tour de Georgia rolled into town today....since they dismissed school at 1pm to accomodate all the road closures, RAB, Monkey and I all headed over to watch.
Super fast sprint of the fastest I've ever seen...downhill towards City Park (the football stadium area, at the cabin where we had Monkeys birthday party).

Afterwards I hunted down one of the US riders I've paid close attention to for years...Bobby Julich.

Then I found the team cars and got a pic of one of his bikes on the car and then.........

I hunted HIM down!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

some people have a problem

The folks promoting the Bakers Dozen race sure were nice......but I think they have a drinking problem.
BEFORE the race they give everyone one of these shot glasses....
AFTER the race was over they gave me the pint glass...

Short story goes like this...
I lead the entire race until the last 3 minutes when they 2nd place guy behind me asks to lead going up the climb we're approaching...I let him and as we go through the start/finish they call it due to HEAVY RAIN.
Bottom line he wins the event even though I led the whole race up until the last few minutes.
Lesson learned (again) ...never, ever, ever let anyone around you for any's called a RACE for a reason.
Good news... my fitness seems to have recovered pretty well following "the crap".
Bad news... RAB seems to have aquired "the crap" now :(

Here's me at the beginning of the event following the LeMans style start.
I know this is the beginning because I don't look like a big brown mud-hole on legs yet....
I did a few hours later!

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's on!

Looks like the race is on for tomorrow...currently no more than a 50% chance of rain through tomorrow night. I'll post later @ results, although with all my ailments of the past 2 wks, I'm not expecting much...just hoping to finish w/o too much pain :)

Mom and Dad - I got the card; taking the $ to the race w/ us this weekend. Maybe I can buy some luck w/ it!
KEB & TheJellyMan...the box showed up yesterday; the good stuff...yeah! Gonna take some w/ us for coffee in the AM before the race!
RAB and Monkey - made burgers and such for my b-day and Big-J stayed to eat w/ us; Monkey gave me a card that played "Rock & Roll all Night" when you opened it up...good times.

Thanks to all for a good day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me! makes 39.

Started w/ Mom & Dad calling me at 7am w/ the HBD song.

Went to Nimblewill area to do some forest service road riding on the Vassago w/ Big-J who was on his new KHS Solo-One SE 29'er.

Rode about 2.5 hrs and feeling like I'm recovering from that bug last week.

Hoping for no rain this weekend so we can race.

Doing house work the next few water heater, fix driveway, yard-work, fix gutters, etc.

Happy B-Day to me!

yeah, this one is me ^^^^^^^^^^

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'll be brief...I got home Friday bummed we weren't going to SC for the race and found an email from the race promoter: "race rained out, moved to next weekend."
Called the campground and they were able to move our reservation to next weekend w/ no $$ lost and if I'm healed up we'll go give it a shot!
I'm still weak and haven't ridden in a week, but should be able to ride vs. race the event.
Also went to the Dr. last night...he thinks I'm getting over a virus, so I should be feeling much better by next weekend!
Patience pays...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

best laid plans

10pm on Thurs night and we just pulled the plug on this weekends race/camping trip..........
  • Monkey and I are still coughing like crazy and I feel poor, at best
  • the forecast for Sat is 90% chance of thunderstorms
  • fuel cost (driving truck w/ camper in tow)
Even though we'll lose our $$ from the park reservation as well as my pre-paid race entry fee, it just doesn't add up, so, it's a no-go. This was a second-tier race (lower priority) for me but it still bums me out not to get to do it just for the training.

--Monkey handled the news pretty well for a 5 year old...probably better than I would have.
We told him that we will try to go later in the week since it's spring break.
--RAB has been shopping all week to get "stuff" ready for us.
--I've been wanting to do this race for the past 2 years only to have conflicts w/ the HS band spring trip...finally works out schedule wise, and now this.
--Made arrangements for someone to cover for me at church this Sunday....

Lots of stuff screwed up because of some freakin' little bug..................

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"crap" update

Slept ok last night...ok enough to oversleep!
Temp was 97.6...about normal for me in the AM.
Drugs are good...
I still feel poor/weak/achey.
I slept good...temp at 97.6 again this AM...this is good.
Drugs are starting to build up in my system and make me feel a little "loopy". Hope to start coming off of them some tomorrow to clean the system out before the weekend is here. Still hoping to race....If I can breathe.
Talked w/ school systems head nurse/band parent this AM and she said that there has been a respriatory virus getting around and sounds like that may be what I have.
I guess it doesn't matter how hard you try to stay healthy when all those damn little bugs are floating around in the air! Maybe I just won't breathe while at work anymore.........................